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"There is a guy out there who is, without a shadow of a doubt, the love of your life. You might find him in school when you’re 13, getting off the train when you’re 27, or in a supermarket when you’re 45, but he is out there. And he’ll change your life as you know it. He’ll brush the hair out of your eyes, sit through your favourite film even if it’s not something he’d choose himself, call you beautiful every day so you never doubt it, and be by your side when you roll over in bed at 3am. He’ll listen to your dreams, your fears, your hopes, your worries and your wishes, and he’ll look at you like you’re the only star in his sky. Because you will be."

- The Love Of Your Life (via these-greatexpectations)

(via wasted-childhood)


Holy fuck

Big Sean and Kendall at Coachella 2014

reblog my selfie and ill luv u 4 ever

Lake Hillier, Australia

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